My wife and I arrived at Dubrovnik during the morning on the third day.  We visited lots of well preserved buildings and world heritage site in this city.  We were satisfied from the beginning to end our time in this city as ever-increasing amenities available for exploring different places and enjoying tourism further. We have played some outdoor games with other tourists and shared our tourism experiences each other happily.    

My wife and I have lots of wishes about tourism in islands especially Croatia (Croatian) islands.  We have focused on more than a few packages of cruise and decided to invest in the most suitable yacht travel. Even though we have a reasonable budget, we enjoyed every day of our tourism in Croatia. This was mainly because the overall support from an experienced and a committed tour operator.  I do not know where to start when my friends and other members of the family asked about tourism in Croatia as many places we visited and enjoyed our sightseeing. Our tour experiences in Croatia were beyond description.  However, I reveal how I enjoyed some of our days in Croatia.

My friends in college and I have booked an attention-grabbing tour package in Croatia (Croatian) through the most reliable online tour operator.  We have planned to celebrate our summer holidays in a foreign country. We have compared different international tour packages known for tourism in islands. However, we have chosen the Croatian tourism after a comprehensive analysis of various things like the financial plan, tourist places, outdoor activities, yacht charter and nightlife. We have read different articles about tourism in Croatia and selected the best package for exploring the most recommended tourist places in this country. Once we arrived at the international airport in this country, our tourist guide welcomed us with the most beautiful bouquet and a welcome note. We were satisfied and safe all through our sightseeing and yachting in Croatia. I explain what we did in each day of our Croatian tourism in below details. We chartered this yacht in Croatia. There are a few hints, which boat to rent: choose between Bavaria Cruiser 37, Oceanis 40, Hanse 445 and Lagoon 500. This is why we recommend: yacht rent Croatia. You can choose age of build, number of cabins, berths and equipment of the yacht.

Old Town has more than a few tourist places and eye-catching facilities to make every tourist satisfied throughout their stay in this town.  My friends and I celebrated a party in the world-class yacht before we arrived at this town on the second day morning. We were amazed not only because the construction of the massive stone wall around this city, but also the most innovative approach used by ancestors for protecting the nation.  We visited the Gornji Ugao Tower, Island of Lokrum, Ancient City Walls and Old Town.

We felt satisfied and had memorable experiences throughout our celebration in the Dubrovnik cable car, Placa Thoroughfare and war photo limited.  We loved to visit museums in particular history museum wherever we go in a foreign country.  In this Old Town, we have visited Gothic Reactor’s Palace and satisfied with the most convenient way to look at the most special collections in this renowned history museum.   


Makarska is the world-famous port town located in Dalmatian Coast.  My wife and I have arrived at this port town out of harm's way. This was because our yacht charter and the complete guidance from a specialist in Croatia tourism.  Once we placed our feet in this port town, we felt peace of mind and satisfied for the reason that we had a stressful lifestyle in the past. We have taken photos when we reached and look at Mt Jure from the short distance.

The most impressive natural beauty in this seaside peak on the Mediterranean enhanced our interests to engage in some outdoor activities before we move away from this location. We visited different tourist places in this port town and hired a vehicle for exploring the attractive places all through this town. We had unforgettable leisure in Makarska Rivera beaches and clubs in this port town.